Scientific programme CAANS Congress 2022


President`s Message
[Prof. Nasser El-Ghandour].

The Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons [ESNS] had been founded in 1967 as a scientific and educational society dedicated to advancing the specialty of Neurological Surgery among all Neurosurgical centers in Egypt; in order to promote the highest quality of care to our patients.

As we honor the hard work offered by the leaders of our society over the past 50 years to make it successful, it puts great responsibility over our shoulders to do our best in order to maintain and increase this success.

Our society is growing; an increasing number of young neurosurgeons are becoming members each year, requiring an adequate technical and educational support that help them to be the best neurosurgeons, who are able to provide a high standard neurosurgical service among all Egyptian cities, serving more than 90 million population. Establishing and maintaining a sustainable environment for our specialty is important in order to ensure the best possible treatment for our patients, as well as the scientific progress in our field.

The annual meeting and the Journal are the two arms of the society. Regarding the annual meeting, we will work very hard in order to make it successful, well-organized, with a high quality scientific content. About the journal, I am glad to tell you that the ESNS signed a contract with Springer Verlag as a publisher. It is now international open access under the title “Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery”. We need you to make citations for the papers published in the journal in order to develop a good international impact factor.

The specialty of Neurosurgery is progressing very fast, I understand that enormous effort is needed in order to expand the scope of Neurosurgical care, as new technologies and treatments become available. I totally believe that this task will never be realized without the active role of our subspecialty groups, which provide courses and workshops with a high quality educational content.

Without your participation in our meetings, and without your support to our publications, we will not be able to achieve or maintain any success. As a President of the ESNS, I cordially invite all our young colleagues to join us and work for the future of Neurosurgery in Egypt, by becoming an active part of our society. Together we are stronger and more successful.

Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons .